Visualizing Early Washington
Mark Tully writes with a link to the above video, part of the Visualizing Early Washington DC project, which I’ve seen before but (as has sometimes happened) I never seem to have gotten round to posting it. Here’s a…
OSM for Beginners: Instructional Videos
I’m increasingly interested in getting more people to contribute to OpenStreetMap, so I will happily note David Ellam’s instructional videos, which are screencasts that show you, step-by-step, how to use Potlatch to add points of interest, roads and areas. Via…
Rare Book Feast on a 1953 World Atlas
Rare Book Feast, a video series “celebrating the timeless beauty of books in the age of digital ephemera” (as Maria Popova puts it), opens with a look at the privately printed World Geo-Graphic Atlas (1953), now a collector’s item….
The Geospatial Revolution Project, Episode Four
The fourth and final episode of the Geospatial Revolution Project is now live; it covers the use of geospatial technology to study and deal with climate change, drought, famine and disease, looks at the Map Kibera project as an…
Game of Thrones Opening Credits
How about those opening credits to Game of Thrones, the HBO series based on George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series? It’s a fantasy map with gears, which is somehow appropriate. (The map will apparently change…
Treasure Hunters
My friend Zaid is a hardcore geocacher; he’s working on a TV show about geocaching for the Arabic-language Middle Eastern media market. It’s called Treasure Hunters. So far there’s a two-minute teaser video and a Facebook page….
The Geospatial Revolution Project, Episode Three
Episode three of the Geospatial Revolution Project was posted yesterday; this latest installment covers maps’ use in war, peace, security and privacy. Previously: The Geospatial Revolution Project, Episode Two; The Geospatial Revolution Project….
National Geographic Maps Video
National Geographic Traveler contributing editor Andrew Evans stops by National Geographic’s map division in this short video; it’s a bit of a puff piece (“best place on Earth for maps” and all that) but an interesting, if brief, look behind…
The Geospatial Revolution Project, Episode Two
The Geospatial Revolution Project’s second episode went up today; it covers how GIS is used by the City of Portland, by UPS, and by efforts to bring supermarkets into disadvantaged communities. Via All Points Blog and Google Earth Blog….
Video Games and Navigational Skills
A Vanderbilt University study is looking at whether playing video games improves map-reading and navigational skills. Of interest: 10 hours of first-person-shooter-style video games appears to make up the gender differences in navigational skills. Via @OrdnanceSurvey….
The Evolution of European OpenStreetMap Coverage
I’m hard on OpenStreetMap sometimes, but that’s mainly in the context of the North American coverage not living up to the rather Eurocentric hype. Because Europe is definitely where it’s at with OSM, as this video chronicling the growth…
The Geospatial Revolution Project
I first heard about the Geospatial Revolution Project more than a year ago (see, for example, posts from Boing Boing and Google Maps Mania), but promptly lost it in the bowels of my very lengthy to-do list. Described as…
‘A Wrong Turn You Have Made … to the Dark Side’
First Darth Vader, now Yoda….
Europe According to Estonians
It’s a little over a year old, but I’ve only come across it now: Europe According to Estonians. Worth it for the cartography alone….
Nuclear Explosions, 1945-1998
“1945-1998” by Isao Hashimoto is a video that maps 2,053 nuclear explosions — all but two of which tests — conducted across the globe; only North Korea’s recent tests are excluded, as they occurred after this video was made…
Time-Lapse Video of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
NASA has produced a time-lapse video of the expanding Gulf of Mexico oil slick: “This short video reveals a space-based view of the burning oil rig and, later, the ensuing oil spill through May 24. The timelapse uses imagery…
Flights Resume over Europe: A Visualization
This video is a visualization of the resumption of flights over European airspace after everything got shut down due to volcanic ash. ITO World combined flight data from with OpenStreetMap map data; there are some gaps in coverage…
Another British Map Roundup
So it’s map week on BBC Four, with both Maps: Power, Plunder and Possession and The Beauty of Maps to watch (at least if you’re in the UK, grumble), and the British Library’s big exhibition opens at the end of…
‘The Simpsons’ Does GPS
In last Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, Homer got a GPS. I think you can figure out how that went. Via GPS Tracklog….
Google Earth Guys
The shmoo-like Google employees from College Humour’s “Google Street View Guys” video return to image the world for Google Earth from a balloon. (Note: it’s not entirely clean.) Via Google Earth Blog. Previously: Google Street View Guys….
The Known Universe
The Known Universe, a short film from the American Museum of Natural History, “shows the known universe as mapped through astronomical observations,” zooming out from the Himalayas to the Cosmic Microwave Background and back in again. Via Christian Junk….
TED: Blaise Aguera y Arcas Demos Bing Maps
Via multiple sources, Blaise Aguera y Arcas’s TED talk demonstrating some of the more amazing, augmented-reality features in Bing Maps….
TED: Lalitesh Katragadda on Google Map Maker
Here’s Google’s Lalitesh Katragadda, speaking at TEDIndia 2009 about the impact of Google’s Map Maker on that part of the world that is not adequately mapped, particularly with respect to natural disasters. Thanks to Richard for the link….
Grover’s Map of South America
I remember well this Sesame Street bit, starring Grover the waiter and his restaurant customer, who misses his flight to South America because Grover won’t shut up about “this wonderful, glorious map.” When I stumbled across it again tonight,…
USAF Video on GPS
Via GPS Review, a short promotional video from the U.S. Air Force’s Space Command about GPS:…
Global Temperature Projections
A short animation from the Met Office Hadley Centre that shows “the changes in temperature across the globe, relative to pre-industrial levels, under two different emissions scenarios. The first is with emissions continuing to increase through the century. The…
Splinterheads is a movie, opening next week in limited release, that features geocaching as a plot point, at least if this teaser is any indication. Via Google Maps Mania….
Google Street View Guys
Google Street View Guys, a video on CollegeHumor in which two shmoo-like Google employees go on a road trip taking Street View imagery. Via Very Spatial….
Peter Batty on Free Geodata, the Ordnance Survey and the USGS
The grass is always greener on the other side, Peter Batty argues in this rather funny “georant” at last week’s AGI GeoCommunity 09 in which he defends the Ordnance Survey, sort of, by pointing out that there are significant…
Sheepfilms on GPS
This fun short video from Sheepfilms reminds me of the funny videos done about Google Earth and Street View a while back — they all intersect the map and the interface with reality. Via Gadling. Previously: The Vacationeers: Google My…
Cycling in Toronto: A Time-Lapse Video
Using a GPS, Toronto cyclist James Redekop has recorded his bike routes from 2004 to 2009 — more than 8,000 kilometres’ worth — and created a nifty time-lapse animated video. Torontoist has more. Via Richard….
The Shape of the World
First broadcast in 1991, the six-part PBS documentary series The Shape of the World has apparently not been available on DVD since, but it looks like a DVD set is being released next month. Buy The Shape of the…
Al Franken, Cartographer
Al Franken, now the junior senator from Minnesota, has a hell of a party trick: he can draw, freehand and from memory, a map of the contiguous 48 states of the U.S. He’s been doing it for decades: Talking…
Global Situational Awareness
Google Earth apparently isn’t enough for the military. Defence contractor DRS Technologies was demonstrating this military-grade touchscreen geospatial interface — the correct term is apparently “global situational awareness” — at a recent Navy League conference; this video features engineer…
Myriahedral Projections
Bucky Fuller’s Dymaxion projection projects the globe onto an icosahedron (a 20-sided polyhedron) and unfolds it. Take the same principle, but project the globe onto a polyhedron of immense complexity, with a lot more sides, and you get a myriahedral…
The Map Reader
The Map Reader is an independent film from New Zealand whose protagonist is an introverted teenager obsessed with cartography: trailer; reviews here and here; IMDB entry….
‘Data for Decision’: GIS on Punchcards
“Data for Decision” is a 1967 National Film Board of Canada film that explains the work of the Canada Geographic Information System — one of the earliest GISes in history, if not the earliest — in analysing the huge…
David Cerny Defends ‘Entropa’
At the beginning of this video, artist David Cerny explains his controversial installation piece, “Entropa,” which just debuted, to no considerable uproar, in the European Council building in Brussels. The video is also an opportunity to get a good…
Visualizing U.S. Immigration
A visualization of immigration to the U.S. from 1820 to 2007 by Ian Stevenson. Via Andrew Sullivan….
Maps in Movies and TV
A part of the Maps in Literature project, which is interesting enough in itself (in Italian and English), Maps in Movies and TV looks at the use and portrayal of maps in TV programs and movies, focusing on fiction rather…
That SNL Weekend Update Map Sketch
Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment recently took a swing at the touchscreen interactive electoral maps that have become nearly ubiquitous in U.S. election coverage (i.e., John King on CNN). Here’s the entire segment: Via Very Spatial….
How Globes Are Made
The Chicago History Museum looks at Chicago globe manufacturer Replogle Globes in this short video: I always wondered why the seam along the equator had to be so big. Via Kottke….
London Tube Map Documentary
A 1987 BBC documentary on Beck’s diagrammatic map of the London Underground; it’s nearly 26 minutes long: Via Kottke and MapHist….
Global Air Traffic Simulation
A simulation of global air traffic over 24 hours: Cooool. Via Gadling and Infonaut. Previously: Flight Patterns….
Britain from Above
Considerable buzz about an upcoming BBC series, Britain from Above. This preview (screen capture above; I wish I could have embedded the video here, it’s pretty good) uses GPS traceroutes to show sea, road and air traffic; it also…
Nokia 6220 Ad Touts Mapping Features
An ad extolling the mapping features of the Nokia 6220. Via Visual Think Map. Nokia Maps 2.0 came out of beta in May, which Mapperz and Engadget covered; I, alas, did not. Previously: Nokia Maps 2.0 Beta; Nokia Maps….
The Ordnance Survey in 1953
An excerpt from a newsreel about the latest technology used by Ordnance Survey mapmakers — in 1953. “It used to take two men a whole year to do the mapmaking mathematics that these adding machines and electronic computers can…
Link Roundup: Mid-July Edition
Facebook app whereyougonnabe? gets an upgrade focusing on integration with other platforms (previously). Diana Eid takes a look at map art, focusing on three artists we’ve seen before: Matthew Cusick, Elisabeth Lecourt and Susan Stockwell (via GeoCarta). On the…
The Vacationeers: Google My Maps Gets Spooky
The Vacationeers, they are at it again: Via Cartophilia. Previously: Google Maps Street View Is Right Behind You….
Reports from Where 2.0
Beyond the conference blog, several geobloggers are filing reports from Where 2.0. Here’s a sampling: All Points Blog: Getting Warmed Up for Where 2.0; Where 2.0 Monday. Google Earth Blog: Day One. RenaLId: Day 1, Day 2 — Morning Sessions…
The Office
GPS Review has a clip from an episode of (the U.S. version of) The Office that satirizes the news stories about GPS-navigation-related accidents….
Baltimore Festival of Maps on YouTube
The Baltimore Festival of Maps has a YouTube channel, which has a few short clips (less than two minutes each) about the Walters Art Museum’s keystone exhibition, Maps: Finding Our Place in the World. They’re nicely done; here, for example,…
Geography Tutor Videos
Excerpts from TMW Media Group’s Geography Tutor video series have been posted to YouTube; map-related clips include the above video on map projections, this clip on the International Date Line and this clip on the use of colour in…
‘You Have No Idea Where China Is, Do You?’
At least a year old, but I only saw this FedEx ad for the first time this morning:…
Google Maps Street View Is Right Behind You
The Vacationeers take Google Maps Street View a little too far: Via Valleywag. Previously: Real-Time Satellite Imagery: EarthNow vs. The Simpsons; The Truth About Google Earth….
Arno Peters Documentary
ODT Maps, the publisher (and chief promoter) of the Peters map (and general source of thought provocation about map projections and representationality), has produced a documentary about the map and Arno Peters. From the press release: This fascinating 30-minute documentary…
Miss Teen South Carolina on Geographic Literacy
This is painful to watch: Via Gawker….
Two Map Videos
Global Concepts in Maps is an abbreviated excerpt from a longer educational film about map projections; more information here. I want to see the whole thing, but my, that doesn’t mean it’s good. The risible style of 1950s educational films…
KPIX-TV on Geotagging
KPIX-TV, the San Francisco CBS station, has a report on geotagging that covers at least two of the three bases — viz., manually geotagging photos and syncing photos with a GPS data logger — and mentions a couple of geotagging…
Google Maps: Draggable Driving Directions
The driving directions feature on Google Maps has just received a major upgrade. Multiple stops and traffic conditions have (apparently) been added, but the big one is that you can now change the route you’re given to your destination…
Google Maps Street View
The big news so far from Where 2.0 is the announcement of Google’s street-level imagery for five U.S. cities — Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York and (of course) San Francisco — which, in a fit of originality, they’re…
Massimo Vignelli Defends His Map
In this four-minute outtake that didn’t make it into the final version of the documentary film Helvetica, designer Massimo Vignelli talks about his 1972 map of the New York subway system — which, you may recall, encountered stout opposition….
Real-Time Satellite Imagery: EarthNow vs. The Simpsons
Live, accessible satellite imagery is a pipe dream, but EarthNow is probably as close as we’ll ever get: it’s not live, but (updated; see below) it is real-time — just delayed a few hours. It’s essentially a Java applet…
Evil Maposaurus!
For the last couple of weeks, Garmin’s blog has been hyping the company’s forthcoming Super Bowl ad, with an extended music video and behind the scenes clips. With the Super Bowl now over, the ad itself is now finally available:…
The Truth About Google Earth
A funny little video about Google Earth from Tais Toi Donc: Via Urban Cartography. Previously: Ground-level Google Maps….
Flight Patterns
Aaron Koblin took FAA flight data and made some flashy animations out of the flight paths. Via atlas(t)….
“Discriminav” is a dark bit of humour from Talkshow with Spike Feresten: Via GPS Tracklog. This skit is teh funny, but what it describes is also totally possible: all you’d need to do is mash up census data with driving…
Review: Seeing Through Maps
Seeing Through Maps by Denis Wood, Ward L. Kaiser and Bob Abramms ODT, 2006. Softcover, 160 pp. ISBN 1-931057-20-6 It’s really not a difficult concept: there are no “right” and “wrong” cartographic projections. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages,…
The Impossible Map
Hidden amongst the 50 animated short films put online by Canada’s National Film Board (via Boing Boing) is a 10-minute educational film about cartographic projections from 1947: The Impossible Map. Directed by Evelyn Lambart, the film uses grapefruit peels…
Caught Mapping (1940)
Caught Mapping is a nine-minute film, made in 1940, about how the road maps of the time were made — and, more importantly, revised, with a fair bit on field surveyors. I was surprised that the film reported that…
NYPL Map Room on CBS Sunday Morning
The New York Public Library’s map room — the Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, rather — and its chief, Alice Hudson, were apparently on the CBS Sunday Morning show yesterday, according to a posting on MAPS-L. See the…