Tornadoes in the Southeastern U.S.

More Aerial Imagery of Tornado Damage
Google Maps Mania links to NOAA’s collection of aerial tornado damage imagery from April and May, and has assembled a gallery of before-and-after images of the tornado damage (via)….
Tornado-Generating Storms Seen from Space
Animations generated from GOES-13 satellite imagery of the supercell thunderstorms from the past week, including the storm that generated the tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri on May 22: here and here. Via Phil Plait….
Southeast U.S. Tornado Tracks
It’s amazing how clear the damage from tornadoes appears in satellite imagery. Above, an ASTER visible-infrared image of a tornado’s path near Tuscaloosa, Alabama: “In the picture, captured just days after the storm, pink represents vegetation and aqua is…
Southeast U.S. Tornado Maps and Images
NASA’s Earth Observatory has satellite images and animations of the weather system that spawned so many tornadoes this week. Google Maps’s collection of tornado maps and images. The Wall Street Journal’s map of storm reports. Another map of storm…