The New Yorker Looks at ‘Paris Underground’
Mark Ovenden notes (with obvious delight) that his book about the Paris Metro, Paris Underground (which I reviewed in November 2009), got a glowing mention on the New Yorker website (much like Strange Maps did in October). Previously: Review:…
Review: Paris Underground
Paris Underground: The Maps, Stations, and Design of the Métro by Mark Ovenden Penguin, 2009. Softcover, 176 pp. ISBN 978-0-14-311639-4 It’s possible that I know the Paris Métro better than any other subway system in the world. In the summer…
Paris Underground
While browsing in, of all places, a science fiction bookstore, I stumbled across a new book by Mark Ovenden that looked quite interesting in the brief time I had to look at it: Paris Underground: The Maps, Stations, and…
Harry Beck’s Map of the Paris Metro
Mark Ovenden — author of Transit Maps of the World — has the fascinating story of how Harry Beck tried to create a map of the Paris Métro in the style of his iconic map of the London Underground….
Virtual Earth Imagery Update and Other News
January’s Virtual Earth imagery update includes a total 37 terabytes of data, Microsoft’s first use of Digital Globe satellite imagery, and, among other things, bird’s-eye imagery for Paris and other French cities (see also, naturally, GeoInWeb. In other Microsoft…
A Roundup of Interesting Map Links
A few quick map and map-related gems to share with you: Claire showcases another collection of map tattoos. Indiana Jones and the Fonts on the Maps: Mark Simonson notes that the maps used in the Indiana Jones movies are anachronistic….
Maps of Paris, 1716-1887
A collection of maps of Paris for an art history course, scanned from slides (so they could be a little sharper; 8-bit only). The maps date from 1716 to 1887. Via Plep….
Paris Metro as Google Maps Hack
I like what Jef’s done with this map of the Paris metro done with Google Maps. The lines are laid out as vectors, and it includes routing between two points, including line changes and estimated travel time. Via Google Maps…
Paris 1911
A reproduction of the 1911 Baedeker guide for Paris — it’s small, and I’m not a fan of the interface, but it’s neat to see how much of the city has remained unchanged (I see a lot of familiar places)….
Paris Traffic Conditions
Sytadin provides real-time traffic data for Paris and its suburbs. Jonathan Hipkiss writes, “This site kept me sane when I lived in Paris and had to commute around the Peripherique daily.” (My condolences.) “It’s updated by the minute and gets…
Paris Metro, 1937
Though there have certainly been changes, the remarkable thing about this 1937 map of the Paris metro is that it shows how much of the current network was already in place by then (via Kottke; see previous entry: Paris Metro)….