New Zealand Earthquake

Post-Earthquake Christchurch from 150 Metres Up
Google Maps Mania links to aerial imagery of Christchurch, New Zealand, taken only two days after the February 22 earthquake from an altitude of only 150 metres (500 feet). Resolution is 10 cm/pixel….
Post-Earthquake Christchurch Imagery
Post-earthquake imagery of Christchurch, New Zealand is now available through Google Earth and via a special Picasa web album link; both options allow you to see images from before and after the quake….
Satellite Radar Image of Christchurch Earthquake
A satellite radar interferogram of land deformation resulting from last month’s earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand has been released. BBC News coverage. Via @MattArtz….
Connecting Christchurch’s Earthquakes
With this map, Earth Observatory connects the two major earthquakes to hit Christchurch, New Zealand: This map shows the earthquakes that occurred near Christchurch since September 3, 2010. On that day a magnitude 7.1 quake struck to the west…
Christchurch Quake Map
The Christchurch Quake Map is an animated map that “aims to present a time-lapse visualisation of the earthquake and its aftershocks, primarily to help those outside the affected area understand what those of us in Canterbury are experiencing. It plots…
Damaged Infrastructure in Christchurch
An interactive map (built in ArcGIS) showing damaged infrastructure in and around Christchurch, New Zealand, after Saturday’s magnitude-7.1 earthquake. Via Esri….
New Zealand Earthquake
The report on the recent earthquake in New Zealand includes an interactive map (Flash-only) of the felt reports submitted from around the country. Via Keir Clarke. Here are the USGS’s maps of that earthquake. Update, 9:10 AM: Google Maps…