Magnificent Maps

LRB on ‘Magnificent Maps’
Another review of the Magnificent Maps exhibition going on right now at the British Library, this time from Peter Campbell in the London Review of Books. Via MapHist….
More on ‘Magnificent Maps’
More on the British Library’s Magnificent Maps exhibition: The BBC’s Ed Davey looks at three maps of London. Writing for the Huffington Post, Eric Lurio looks at the maps’ propaganda value. The Guardian features five maps from the exhibition….
Magnificent Maps: 10 Maps that Changed the World
In the Daily Mail, Peter Barber presents 10 of the greatest maps that changed the world from the Magnificent Maps exhibition: Waldseemüller’s 1507 map, the Peters projection and Google Earth make appearances….
BBC News on ‘Magnificent Maps’
More coverage of the British Library’s Magnificent Maps exhibition, which (finally!) opened yesterday, from BBC News: “Picked from a “long shortlist” of 26,000 maps from the library’s 4.5 million-strong collection, curators Peter Barber and Tom Harper carefully selected 80 impressive…
The Guardian on ‘Magnificent Maps’
Speaking of Magnificent Maps, today’s Guardian has an article about the exhibition….
Magnificent Maps Blog
We’re one week away from the opening of Magnificent Maps at the British Library; in the meantime, there’s an accompanying curators’ blog, which started up earlier this month. Via Mapperz….
Another British Map Roundup
So it’s map week on BBC Four, with both Maps: Power, Plunder and Possession and The Beauty of Maps to watch (at least if you’re in the UK, grumble), and the British Library’s big exhibition opens at the end of…
British Map Roundup: Parker in the Telegraph, BBC TV Series
Mike Parker has an essay in the Telegraph that refers to the two upcoming BBC TV series and British Library exhibition; Parker’s Map Addict, which I reviewed last October, is now available in paperback. As for those two BBC series,…
The Independent on ‘Magnificent Maps’
The Independent has an article about the British Library’s upcoming map exhibition, Magnificent Maps, which opens April 30. The piece quotes British Library map head Peter Barber and makes reference to a number of maps without explicitly saying that they’re…
British Library to Hold Map Exhibition, BBC to Air Two Map Series
This will be a busy spring for maps at the BBC, which has announced that BBC Four will run two television series on maps: a three-part, one-hour series called Mapping the World and a four-part, one-hour series called The Art…