Israel-Lebanon Conflict

Haret Hreik, Before and After
Another New York Times graphic about the Israel-Lebanon conflict, this one showing before-and-after satellite imagery of the Haret Hreik neighbourhood of Beirut, home to Hezbollah’s headquarters and, uncoincidentally, the scene of many Israeli bombings. Via La Cartoteca and Very Spatial….
More Israel-Lebanon Situation Maps
Ogle Earth reports on improvements to the Google Earth layer (KMZ format; see previous entry): “It’s kept up with events on both sides of the border, and now comes with folders for individual days. There are also very recent overlays…
Israel-Lebanon: Visualizing Scale
People who’ve been to Israel or Lebanon invariably impress upon you just how small the region is — something that those of us living in ginormous countries find hard to grasp. Andy Carvin has created a video that fades…
An Israel-Lebanon Roundup
A black-and-white graphic from the Globe and Mail (direct link to image). A map-intensive Flash presentation from the Guardian. A Google Earth layer (KMZ format) showing the attacks on both sides — now, of course, it can be viewed…
More Israel-Lebanon Mapping
The BBC’s map of the strikes, and the combat theatre generally. Via Catholicgauze. See previous entries: The Range of Hezbollah’s Rockets; The Israel-Lebanon Situation….
The Range of Hezbollah’s Rockets
To help us visualize how far into Israel Hezbollah’s rockets, based in southern Lebanon, can strike, our friend Kathryn Cramer has put together a useful graphic using Photoshop and Google Earth….
The Israel-Lebanon Situation
The New York Times’s map of Israel and Lebanon, highlighting the attacks in both countries, is an excellent piece of work. You don’t normally expect newspapers’ maps to be this interactive, but there you are. Thanks to Cyrus for the…