Iraq War

Wikileaks Iraq War Logs Mapped
The Guardian has taken the data from the Wikileaks Iraq war logs and plotted every death in Iraq on a map. Related article. Via Boing Boing and Google Maps Mania. See Google Maps Mania for links to other map mashups…
Mapping Violence in Baghdad
The BBC’s interactive map of Baghdad’s violence shows key locations, ethnic areas (which change throughout the period) and bomb attacks and casualties by month. Via Boing Boing….
1520+ Hometowns
Tofu’s “1520+ Hometowns” is a collage of all the town names of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, cut from road maps: “In March of 2004 I began a map piece cutting out the hometown of each American serviceman and woman…
Iraq War Coalition Fatalities
A dramatic and effective animated Flash map that illustrates casualties suffered by coalition forces in Iraq over time: “The animation runs at ten frames per second — one frame for each day — and a single black dot indicates the…
A Post-Invasion Map of Baghdad
Swissinfo has a story about a Swiss cartographer who’s put out a post-occupation, up-to-date map of Baghdad. The map is an update of a 2002 edition, but now includes such landmarks as bombed-out infrastructure and other changes since the invasion….
Thirty Days of Attacks
The New York Times has put together an informative map of all the attacks in Iraq over the past 30 days — 2,368 in all. With breakdowns by type: small arms, homemade bombs, etc. Via MetaFilter….