Cities at Night
Earth Observatory’s Cities at Night features photography of the night side of the Earth taken by orbiting astronauts. “Astronauts circling the Earth have the wonderful vantage point of observing the nighttime Earth from 350-400 kilometers above the surface, taking…
Street View: City Updates and Its 1907 Equivalent
Four more cities in Google Maps Street View: Houston, Orlando, Los Angeles and San Diego. Cute: Google Maps Street View Circa 1907 — or, rather, a sample of Rand McNally’s photo auto-maps, which apparently predated road maps….
Houston Traffic Widget
The Houston Traffic Map widget makes the information found on the Houston real-time traffic map available as a Dashboard widget (for Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”)….
Houston Real-Time Traffic Map
I’m late in relaying this, but B. Moore submitted a link to the Houston Real-Time Traffic Map, and described it thusly: This is an amazing real time traffic map that is quite sophisticated and useful (at least if you live…