Typographic Maps of Boston and Chicago
Andy Woodruff announces a new project from Axis Maps: typographic maps — “that is, maps made entirely of typography.” Map features are rendered in repeating lines of type (see example above). Nearly every line of text in these maps…
Old Boston Transit Maps
Here’s a collection of old Boston transit maps, collected from the Net and the Massachusetts State Transportation Library by Andrew Lynch. Via Cartogrammar….
Boston, Toronto Get Updated Station Maps
Boston’s MBTA is upgrading the maps in its stations; some of the neighbourhood maps haven’t been upgraded in 40 years. The system maps show services that will not be operational for another month, but that’s nothing compared to the trouble…
Boston-Area Map Exhibitions
At the Boston Public Library’s Copley Square through June, Boston and Beyond, a collection of bird’s-eye-view maps of Boston and New England from the second half of the 19th century. At Harvard University’s Pusey Library until April 1, Henry F….
iPod Subway Maps
If you’ve got an iPod with a colour screen, you can put subway maps on it. It’s a simple matter to put digital images on an iPod; where maps are concerned, though, it’s a challenge to make sure they’re legible…
Mapping Bumpy Streets in Cambridge, Mass.
Noah Vawter’s project for a class at MIT was to map the bumpiness of Cambridge streets. Via MAKE: Blog….
Boston GIS Office and Atlas
The Boston Phoenix has an interview with the manager of the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s Office of Digital Cartography and GIS, Carolyn Bennett; the discussion ranges from GIS in general, to the nature of the Office’s work, to one of their…