What Do You Call Proposed Streets on Maps?

Whelden Merritt has a question:

I am searching for a term or a name for fraudulent entries on maps and I don’t mean map traps as attempts to protect copyright.
What I mean is proposed streets and subdivisions that seem to be suggested by developers and entered into maps by officials of local planning departments.
By some strange process these proposals find their way into Google satellite images as translucent lines with names on them.
There are two such streets converging at right angles on our house as though a bulldozer could appear at any minute.
A few hundred yards away, some developer actually sold a plat out in the woods, but the official county planning website shows, on the one hand, the plat and the proposed street while, on the other hand, declares that there are no development activities at the site.
Do you know if such fictitious streets and subdivisions have a name?

I don’t know the answer (or maybe I’m overthinking it). Anyone?