An iOS Roundup

I’ve done a lousy job trying to keep up with all the map- and navigation-related stuff coming out for the iOS platform (i.e., iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). There’s just too much out there. (Someone could do a whole blog about it.) But here are a couple of recent items.

GPS Tracklog notes the Bad Elf GPS, which attaches to iOS devices that lack onboard GPS.

(If I recall correctly, the iPad supports GPS via Bluetooth: you can, for example, tether a WiFi-only iPad to an iPhone and use the iPhone’s GPS.)

Meanwhile, The Unofficial Apple Weblog’s Erica Sadun offers reviews of Navigon’s and TomTom’s navigation apps for the iPhone, both of which sound, well, less than perfect. Despite Navigon’s navigation “oddities,” she prefers their app to TomTom’s because of the latter app’s “weak interface.”