A Question on Low-Cost Map Restoration

Jonathan Longobardi writes:

I recently came upon an 1776 map of New York Island that came from an atlas that accompanied the first edition of John Marshall’s The Life of George Washington published in 1807. It is truly a beautiful map and I would love to have it framed and hanging on my wall someday. So here’s the thing, I know nothing about maps. I liked it so I bought it ($35 can’t go wrong, right?). It definitely is in need of repair as it has yellowed over the years. I live in Manhattan but am of modest means, to say the least. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in either restoring the map gratis (I know, I know, but I have to ask) or at a relatively low cost? I’m trying to save money for my wedding next summer so funds aren’t exactly plentiful.

I don’t think free map restoration is likely for a map in a private collection, but I thought it would be worth sharing his question to see what the options are for this sort of thing.