Two GPS Cameras from Panasonic

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 Two new point-and-shoot digital cameras from Panasonic with built-in GPS, announced in January, are available this month: the 14-megapixel travel compact ZS10 or TZ20, which I presume is a successor to the ZS7/TZ10, and the 12-megapixel ruggedized TS3 or FT3, pictured at right. (They have different product numbers in different markets.) A Navteq press release (via) talks about how these cameras use their POI data as well as lat/long coordinates. Photography Blog has a review of the TS3 (FT3), which has this to say about the GPS functions:

This provides real-time information naming the location at which your shot is being taken. This is displayed ticker-tape fashion along the bottom of the back screen. Panasonic claims the on-board info covers 203 countries, thus encouraging worldwide use, and more than a million landmarks. What’s more it appears to work, competently picking out our local National Trust property. We live on a bend in the river, which was enough to fool it, so using the camera back at home we were classified as living across the water. While in daily use GPS might seem a bit of a gimmick — and is a function that can be turned on or off at will, there’s some use to be had perhaps if you’re abroad and haven’t purchased a guidebook to otherwise discover what’s what — or want to plot the route of your travels via Google maps or the social media of your choice later. Longitude and latitude coordinates are stored in the particular JPEG image’s Exif data.

Both cameras cost $400.

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