Two Books of Antiquarian Interest

British Map Engravers by Laurence Worms and Ashley Baynton-Williams. “An illustrated dictionary of well over 1,500 members of the map-trade in the British Isles from the beginnings until the mid nineteenth century, including all the known engravers and lithographers, all the known globemakers and retailers, the principal mapsellers and publishers, the key cartographers, the makers of map-based games and puzzles, and others.” £125, coming in June. Via MapHist and @jpmaps.

The Last Great Cartographic Myth: Mer de l’Ouest by Don McGuirk. A cartobibliography tracking the apperance on maps of “an imagined sea extending the navigable waters of the Pacific deep into the North American continent, at times nearly connecting the Pacific to Hudson Bay or the Great Lakes, and thereby promising the long sought for Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific.” $45, digital format. Via MapHist.