Sohei Nishino’s Diorama Maps

Sohei Nishino: Diorama London

The Guardian on the diorama maps of photographer Sohei Nishino, now on display at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London (until April 2).

Last year, Nishino spent a month walking the streets of London — which, come to think of it, does not seem that long a time for the task in hand. He took over 10,000 photographs, which, on his return to Tokyo, he edited down to 4,000. Then the real work began. Having hand-printed the photographs in his own darkroom, Nishino then set about cutting them up and piecing them together — slowly and meticulously — into a giant composite photographic map of the city of London. It measures 7.5ft × 4ft, and will be shown at Michael Hoppen alongside his other diorama maps.

The diorama maps can be seen on Nishino’s website: here’s the link.