Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Maps

This post collects links to maps of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami. It may be updated if new maps are made available.

Earthquake. USGS maps of the quake. USGS real-time earthquakes layer for Google Earth (KML). Two earthquake maps in GeoCommons: 1, 2. A screencap of a quake intensity map from an unknown iPhone app. MapLarge’s earthquake map (via APB). Esri’s earthquake map (via APB). // 2:15 PM: OpenStreetMap wiki page. // 7:00 PM: NASA Earth Observatory map showing the location of the earthquake, its foreshocks and its aftershocks off the coast of Japan. // 7:12 PM: PBS Newshour map of live seismic data from Japan; Google Earth interface (via Boing Boing). // 8:20 PM: Esri’s Japan earthquake and tsunami map; the previous link was to Esri’s generic Disaster Response map. // 3/13 4:55 PM: Japan Earthquake Map Viewer from Texas Tech’s Center for Geospatial Technology (via @geospatialnews).

NOAA map of tsunami energy propagation

Tsunami. NOAA maps forecasting tsunami energy propagation (above) and tsunami travel times. This story includes a map showing Philippine provinces under tsunami alert (via @cartografie). // 2:15 PM: NOAA’s map of DART stations (FYC). Another tsunami wave map (FYC). // 3/12 9:00 AM: MODIS satellite images of the tsunami flooding in Sendai, Japan. // 3/13 3:12 PM: Video of the tsunami’s propagation from NOAA (via The Map Scroll). // 3/14 9:18 PM: Satellite view of tsunami damage near Ishinomaki, Japan.

Link roundups. Google Maps Mania’s roundup. // 2:15 PM: Google Earth Blog: Google Earth resources for the Japanese earthquake. // 3/12 9:00 AM GIS Lounge; Google Maps Mania’s second roundup. // 3:12 2:07 PM: Google Maps Mania links to maps of photos and videos; All Points Blog’s list of map resources. // 3/13 3:12 PM: Chartporn points to a few visualizations (via @mrgeog). // 3/14 8:30 AM: Google Earth Blog roundup of imagery and resources.

Post-earthquake imagery. 3/12 2:00 PM: Google Earth Blog points to fresh imagery of Japan taken after the quake; it’s available here in a Google Maps interface. // 3/13 3:12 PM: Google LatLong post on post-earthquake imagery. Good before/after imagery interface from ABC News. L.A. Times story. // 3/14 8:30 AM: Follow the @earthoutreach Twitter feed. The New York Times has an interactive before/after imagery viewer with slider (via @HodderGeography). The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has maps and an interactive imagery viewer (Flash).

Updated at 2:15 PM, 7:00 PM, 7:12 PM and 8:20 PM (EST). Updated March 12 at 9:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 2:07 PM (EST). Updated March 13 at 3:12 PM and 4:55 PM (EDT). Updated March 14 at 8:30 AM and 9:18 PM (EDT).