Weekly World News: Atlantis Found in Google Maps!

Only the Weekly World News could bring you the story that the lost city of Atlantis has been found on Google Maps.

“The photo taken by Google Maps is most definitely the Lost City of Atlantis,” said Yale Mythologist Anthony Braxwell. “It displays all the trademark characteristics of the legendary metropolis. A shimmering castle, glistening drawbridges made of gold, crystal spires — yep, it’s all there.”
“I’m just surprised it took so long to find,” added Braxwell.

Atlantis is, apparently, in plain sight 10 miles southwest of Dingle, Ireland. (No word on whether Bat Boy has been spotted on the town’s streets.)

“I’ve lived here for 75 years,” said Brian MacElhose, a farmer and lifelong resident of Dingle, “and never noticed that gigantic city floating out there in the ocean. How could I have missed it? Oh well, I guess that’s what Google Maps is for.”

There’s a bonus in the search results for the “screenshot” of Atlantis in Street View — see if you can catch it.