Rev. Badger’s Misfits

The Harvard Crimson reports on an exhibition at the Harvard Map Collection that looks at “cartographic curiosities”: Rev. Badger’s Misfits: Deviations and Diversions runs until January 5, 2011 at the Pusey Library. One highlight, cited both in the Crimson article and in the press release, is an 18th-century map of Schlaraffenland; “[o]ther items included in the exhibition include a facsimile of Sebastian Adams’ ‘chronological chart of ancient, modern and biblical history’ — a 24-foot long timeline depicting all of human history, from 4004 B.C. until 1881 and an 1834 map satirizing Dutch university life, in which students must pass through the Mountains of Mathematics before entering nations representing scholarly disciplines like philosophy, medicine and literature.”