Mapping America

Book cover: Mapping America A fourth collection of maps has been published by Black Dog: Mapping America: Exploring the Continent by Fritz Kessler. (The previous volumes are 2007’s Mapping London and 2008’s Mapping England, both by Simon Foxell, and Mapping New York, edited by Duncan McCorquodale, which came out last year.) From the publisher’s catalogue:

Featuring four centuries of maps that depict the changing landscape of North America, Mapping America charts the continent through numerous landmark events and uprisings, including the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, and more recent concerns, such as the environment and terrorism. From early maps depicting the country’s colonial beginnings, through to contemporary maps depicting America today, the book presents the reader with a multi-faceted view of the North American physical and cultural landscape; from maps showing the electoral routes of Presidential campaigns, to the diminishing native communities shown in census maps, to the artistic, the imaginative and fantastic depictions of contemporary America.

The Guardian has a gallery (via @HodderGeography).

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