The Geospatial Revolution Project

Geospatial Revolution Project logo

I first heard about the Geospatial Revolution Project more than a year ago (see, for example, posts from Boing Boing and Google Maps Mania), but promptly lost it in the bowels of my very lengthy to-do list. Described as an integrated multimedia educational initiative exploring the use and impact of digital mapping, the Project would produce a series of web videos that would form, once finished, a 60-minute documentary. A five-minute trailer gave some idea of what was to come.

Today, the Project’s first episode (of four) went live. In less than 14 minutes it introduces the subject, sets out the origins of geospatial technology, and explores its use in disaster relief for the Haitian earthquake:

I was impressed by the very high production values and was amused to see a few familiar names (if not faces) on-screen. I’m also amazed at how much ground was covered in so little time; I can’t imagine what will come in the remaining segments. The next episode is scheduled for release on November 2; episode three will come out on February 1, 2011, with the final episode following on March 15.

Via All Points Blog and many other sources.