ArcGIS for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

ArcGIS for iOS icon ESRI’s ArcGIS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available in the iTunes app store. It’s a free download that, among other things, provides access to ArcGIS Online. I’ve installed it on my iPad and have been poking around with it for a bit, but I really don’t know all that much about GIS in general, or ESRI’s software in particular — in point of fact, this is the first ArcGIS application I’ve so much as touched. Fortunately, there are people who do know about this sort of thing. James Fee has a pretty in-depth look. (Anyone else?)

Since it’s free, if you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and any experience with ESRI software, I can’t imagine you not installing this app to see for yourself.