The Bizarre Map Challenge

Christopher Brown: Alligator Bayou I’m horrifically overdue (as usual) in mentioning the Bizarre Map Challenge, a map design competition for high school, college and university students in the United States, with prize money and everything. According to the competition’s rules, “bizarre” “refers to maps that are strikingly out of the ordinary. Though all maps must use real-world data, successful entries might employ unusual techniques, illustrate bizarre topics, or exhibit striking patterns.” The competition ran from February until April; at the end of April, the winners were announced. At right, Christopher Brown’s “Alligator Bayou” map, which came in first and won him $5,000. According to San Diego State University’s news service, this was the competition’s first year of operation; presumably it will continue, in which case I will try to be quicker off the mark in reporting it next year. Thanks to Jill Saligoe-Simmel for the tip; also via geoparadigm.