More Fun with Google Maps Errors

Seriously, WTF Google? What’s fun about errors in Google Maps is that, thanks to the fact that Google is using its own map data assembled from diverse sources by divers hands, is that their errors are unique; errors in NAVTEQ’s or Tele Atlas’s data are replicated across many platforms. And sometimes they’re, well, special.

Teresa Baldwin noticed these strange labels on map tiles outside Laramie, Wyoming; they’ve already been corrected on the desktop version of Google Maps, but they’re still there on the mobile version (including the iPad), which apparently takes longer to be updated. (It takes about a month for the desktop maps to be updated, based on an error report I submitted; the error is still there in the mobile version.)

Google Maps screenshot: University of Ottawa Closer to home (at least for me and for Teresa), it’s clear where Google got the map data for the University of Ottawa campus: they’ve labelled the university campus as “University of Ottawa — Carte de campus” — “carte de campus” is French for “campus map.” Not something that should have been transcribed onto Google Maps tiles, I think.

(I’m not completely cruel; I do submit these errors to Google as well.)

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