A Note on iPad App Reviews

I bought an iPad over the weekend. I got the 64-gigabyte model with 3G, which, you may recall, also happens to come with a built-in GPS. (Fun if obvious fact: the GPS works regardless of whether you’re signed up for a 3G data plan. Some people may well ask whether it’s worth $130 for just the GPS, never mind signing up with a mobile phone company.)

The upshot of this is that I’m now able to review GPS and map applications for the iPhone OS, so long as they work on the iPad. (But, to be honest, I’d prefer not to review iPhone apps that work on the iPad, but only in the pixel-doubling-or-tiny-window compatibility mode.)

I’ve already downloaded a bunch of apps and have made note of some others; I won’t object if you point me to an app you think I should be aware of. Depending on how well I organize myself, you may see some reviews shortly.