Navigation Apps and the iPad

iPad I’ve expressed my enthusiasm before about what the iPad could do for mobile mapping, especially the 3G models with GPS and ubiquitous network connectivity: take everything that’s been done with the iPhone, and quadruple the screen real estate — what won’t that do. (Killer field mapping, that’s what I think.) Anyway, All Points Blog points to a couple of press releases for geo apps for the iPod; Fred Zahradnik notes that turn-by-turn and outdoor/recreational navigation apps aren’t to be found in the iPad apps already found on iTunes; he figures that’s because the 3G models, which are the ones with GPS, won’t be on sale in the U.S. until later this month. But they’re coming. (I’m crossing my fingers for an iPad OpenStreetMap editor; there are several for the iPhone already, so I’m not being unrealistic here.) (Image credit: Apple)