Slate Wants Hand-Drawn Maps

Slate’s Julia Turner is the latest to put out a call for hand-drawn maps, in a post that is part of her series on signs:

The maps we draw for one another also have a certain ephemeral beauty. Each map is the product of a conversation. While most professional maps serve “countless numbers of people who have countless purposes,” Stiff says, maps like these are “made for an audience of one.” Examining these bits of personal cartography — studying the ways “we edit, we twist, we rearrange, supportively” — can teach us how humans really perceive and understand maps.
So here’s our request: Send us your maps! Please do not sit down and draft a beautiful, geographically accurate and impeccably stylish sketch of your hometown. We want found objects, maps that were really drawn in a specific moment to orient a real person for a real task.

The deadline is March 11. Via geoparadigm. Londonist asked for hand-drawn maps last month, the Hand Drawn Map Association last year.