Social, Schmocial

On the sidebar, you’ll notice a new Google Friend Connect box. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but if you use Google Friend Connect, you can use it here.

The Map Room’s Facebook page has been around for nearly two years; if you want this blog’s posts polluting your news feeds (beats farms and ninjas, don’t you think?), well, you can do that. When I produce a post you like, please do use the “like” button — the feedback helps me figure out what people like reading. (My personal Facebook profile is just that: personal — I have to know you.)

Elsewhere in Socialnetworkistan, you can follow me on Twitter, but I talk about everything there, not just maps. I do have a list of Twitter feeds about maps that I follow (now don’t get all excited trying to get me to add you to it; I’m not trying to be comprehensive). I do find a lot of good material by stealing from other people’s accounts on Twitter, and sending me new links that way, quite frankly, works.

My FriendFeed account accumulates all my stuff, so is of limited interest to the map aficionado. Google Buzz: still too early to tell, but my Google Profile is here.