Forbes Smiley on the Silver Screen

Actor Fred Melamed is working on a movie about Forbes Smiley, according to an interview in New York magazine:

I’m writing a screenplay now, which I’m trying to direct, and it’s about a man who was a well-known map expert, who was famous for having discovered certain maps, and he was caught stealing from the Beinecke Library at Yale a few years ago. A guy named Forbes Smiley, he was actually a college friend of mine. The screenplay also has references to other things that happened to Forbes Smiley, although most of it is invention. And many of our friends who’ve looked at it are amazed that so much of it is invention. They thought I was going to make a biopic or something. But being able to invent gives you a lot of freedom. … I’m trying to get it made now. I’m at the “This is great, we’re really excited to do it, can you attach Philip Seymour Hoffman to it?” stage.

Honestly, I’m not sure who could be cast for this. The working title is (Also, a Villager), an obscure reference that is explained in the interview. Via MapHist (thanks, Tony).