A Book Roundup

1. Author Reif Larsen (The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet) is speaking at Montana State University on March 8.

Larsen will explore the narrative power of both cartography and literature, providing a behind-the-scenes peek into the creation of “The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet.” Larsen makes the case that maps are not just wayfaring tools—like short stories, they function as highly selective cultural documents that tell a series of fascinating, interwoven stories, often as much about the mapmaker as the territory mapped. Twenty-five books will be given away during the presentation.

2. Long out of print and hard to find, Carlos Quirino’s Philippine Cartography 1320-1899, first published in 1959, is being republished this year in a third edition.

3. The 1973 Hammond Medallion World Atlas has been digitized and put online, available for your perusal in many different formats. Via La Cartoteca.