Haitian Earthquake: Links for January 22

ASTER image of Haiti

This false-colour image of Haiti was taken by the ASTER instrument on NASA’s Terra satellite yesterday.

The 15-cm-resolution imagery I mentioned in an earlier entry is available for download from Google; the very large files are intended for GIS professionals. GeoEye-1 imagery is also available.

A Bing Maps application allows you to toggle between pre- and post-earthquake imagery.

More on OpenStreetMap. Harry Wood on the use of OSM in Haiti (via Peter); another page of video tutorials, one of which we’ve seen before (via geoparadigm). Information on using OSM data within ArcGIS (via geoparadigm).

Paper maps are still relevant to relief efforts: the U.S. military has produced thousands of paper maps, which were sent to units on the ground (via All Points Blog.

A story about Boston University students producing maps of the Haitian earthquake (via MAPS-L).

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