The Onion: Fritolaysia Cuts Off Chiplomatic Relations with Snakistan

The Onion: Fritolaysia and Snakistan The Onion reports that Fritolaysia has cut off chiplomatic relations with Snakistan, in another one of those Onion riffs on geography: “The dispute over increased prices and decreased serving sizes escalated when Snakistan, swayed by the influence of the nation’s healthiest 1 percent, signed a historic fat-free-trade agreement with the Yogurtslavian nation of Colombo. Preparing for a long and grueling war of nutrition, Fritolaysia imposed trade snacktions and set up a blockade of Snakistan’s major ports, cutting off their commerce with Yumen, Mmmmadagascar, and the Chex Republic.” Via Cartophilia.

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