Bing, Google and MapQuest Add Each Other’s Features

A new beta version of Bing Maps was announced last week; it uses Silverlight, which requires an additional download, but, unlike ActiveX, at least it’s cross-platform. One notable new feature is street-level imagery, which they’re branding as Streetside.

Meanwhile, if Microsoft is invading Google’s turf with Streetside, Google has fired right back with their version of bird’s-eye oblique imagery. It’s very limited right now: San Jose and San Diego, California, and only for developers through the API. Despite that, James Fee figures this will remove the one advantage Microsoft’s maps had over the competition.

MapQuest has also added street-level imagery for major U.S. cities. Requires Flash. Mickey Mellen doesn’t sound impressed: “Like many of the ‘new’ features on MapQuest lately, it’s far behind what Google has already done, and it’s not nearly as good.” See also All Points Blog, James and Mapperz.