Mapping Manchester

Mapping Manchester Mapping Manchester: Cartographic Stories of the City opened last June and runs until January 17, 2010, at Manchester’s John Rylands Library. From the promotional leaflet (PDF):

Mapping Manchester showcases the wealth of cartographic treasures held by the University of Manchester and other institutions in the city, including generous loans of materials from the Manchester City Library and Archives and Chetham’s Library. … Over eighty different maps, plans, diagrams and photographs of the city — published over the last two hundred and fifty years — are on display. These range in date from the first large scale survey of the city published by William Green in 1794, to a 2008 statistical map of binge drinking hotspots across Manchester.

See also the catalogue (5.2 MB PDF); a higher-resolution version (30 MB PDF) is also available). A talk will also be given on December 10. Via Maps-L.

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