Attaching a Garmin nüvi to Bike Handlebars

So I was thinking that using a GPS with maps and turn-by-turn navigation on a bicycle might be interesting, but a lot of the biking GPSes I’ve seen (i.e., Garmin’s Edge series) seem to be interested in awful things like calories burned. I wondered if there was a way to attach a Garmin nüvi 255W, which I already have, to a bike’s handlebars. Since I wondered that aloud, on Twitter no less, I got a few responses (thank you), and did some further digging based on those tips.

Garmin’s handlebar mount for the nüvi series (Amazon) looks ideal, but it isn’t compatible with widescreen units like mine.

RAM mount Three other mounts — the GA-Bike (Amazon) and the i.Trek Bike Mount and this one — look kind of flimsy: they use the clip-and-ball mount, which has a tendency to bounce loose in my Subaru on rough roads, never mind a bicycle. The reviews on Amazon tend to bear that out.

RAM mounts (pictured) aren’t explicitly marketed at cyclists, but it doesn’t look like we’re excluded either; they use a U-bolt — I don’t know how snugly that attaches — but otherwise looks sturdy. Here’s one for my unit.

I should have figured that there’d be more than a few options.