Other Worlds: Rare Astronomical Works

Cassini's map of the moon (1679) An upcoming exhibition at the University of Texas at Austin’s Harry Ransom Center, Other Worlds: Rare Astronomical Works commemorates the International Year of Astronomy by “showcasing items from the center’s science collection that survey some of the most important astronomical discoveries of the last 500 years.” By no means is the exhibition focused solely on celestial cartography, but there will be some items of interest: “Highlights include the Coronelli celestial globe (1688); Copernicus’s De Revolutionibus (1543); first editions of works by Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, and Isaac Newton; and the first map of the moon.” At right: Cassini’s 1679 map of the Moon. The exhibition runs from September 8, 2009, to January 3, 2010. Via MapHist.