iPhone/iPod Touch Application Roundup

MapQuest on the iPhone Some reviews of mapping applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. Peter reviews OffMaps, a $2 app (for the moment) that not only uses OpenStreetMap data, but also allows you to download the map data locally (handy if you’re trying to avoid hefty overseas roaming charges). The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a trio of posts about iPhone/iPod touch map applications: last month they looked at MapQuest 4 Mobile, which I’ve been playing with a bit; and earlier this month they looked at AT&T Navigator for iPhone, which costs $10/month (I told you iPod navigation is expensive), and Pocket Universe, which costs $3. Pocket Universe seems to be an iPhone/iPod touch take on the Celestron SkyScout (see previous entry): it uses the GPS, compass and accelerometer to figure out what’s where in the sky.

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