GPS Review on Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone

Hot on the heels of their review of AT&T Navigator for iPhone (see previous entry), GPS Review has a review of the North American version of Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone. The notable difference between the two: Navigon’s app stores maps on the iPhone instead of downloading them over the network — which, the review notes, has its pros and cons in terms of storage (1.2 GB!), battery life and (on the other hand) the ability to use it in network dead zones. It’s also a one-time purchase rather than a subscription (normally $99, introductory price $69). One neat feature noted: address book integration.

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Update, July 23: Engadget has a hands-on look: they like the onboard maps but note its heavy battery use; it also goes offline if you get a call.

Update, July 25: The Unofficial Apple Weblog’s look.