Global Situational Awareness

Google Earth apparently isn’t enough for the military. Defence contractor DRS Technologies was demonstrating this military-grade touchscreen geospatial interface — the correct term is apparently “global situational awareness” — at a recent Navy League conference; this video features engineer Michael Bridges giving a demo. Defense Tech describes it: “[I]t’s a geospatial information system that also allows sharing of data from almost any source — UAV videos, schematics, photos, SAR, IR etc. — on a pretty simple touchscreen. The imported data can be overlaid on the geospatial data and used for mission planning and a host of other applications. … [Y]ou can call up a region and slap on it overlay after overlay, showing you topography, elevation, streets and highways. If you don’t like a bird’s eye view, he’ll flip the image on its side, any side.” Via Gizmodo.