Nikon Digital SLR Geotagging Roundup

di-GPS Pro L Here’s another review of the Nikon GP-1 GPS unit (via the Nikon Digital Flickr group). The GP-1 is facing some pretty stiff competition, according to Nikon Rumors — at least as far as Nikon digital SLRs with 10-pin PC terminals are concerned. (D90 users must make do with the GP-1, and there are, as far as I am aware, no direct geotaggers for the D40, D50, D60, D70 or D80.) Unfortunately, the competition is about as expensive as the GP-1: the recently announced Unleashed from Foolography, a Bluetooth dongle that attaches to the PC terminal and that is compatible with Bluetooth GPS receivers, is expected to ship this summer for a price around €200 (more from Gadget Lab); the di-GPS Pro L (pictured) includes a built-in datalogger and costs $300 after shipping; Custom Idea GeoPic II is also $300.

For now, at least, separate GPS data loggers appear to be the only inexpensive option.