New Yahoo CEO Uses Google Maps

I’m not sure how someone working on Yahoo Maps is going to react to a headline like this: Yahoo CEO likes Google Maps better than Yahoo Maps. Key graf:

After admitting that she uses Google Maps, [new Yahoo CEO Carol] Bartz said Yahoo Maps isn’t as good as it should be because “we haven’t paid any attention” to it. CFO Blake Jorgensen, who resigned last week but is still on board, added that an online mapping service is very expensive to maintain, and that he doesn’t foresee Yahoo pouring significant additional investments into Yahoo Maps in the near future.

I think Yahoo makes a pretty good mapping product; though I generally prefer Google Maps as well, I’d give Yahoo a solid second place. And one way of reading this is that Yahoo Maps is about to get more attention, which can’t be a bad thing. The other way of reading this is, well, not good.