Miguel Angel Rios: A Dangerous Cartography

Magallanes en la Confusion Encontro un Oceano #3 The Santa Fe New Mexican has a review of A Dangerous Cartography, an exhibition by Miguel Angel Rios taking place at the EVO Gallery in Santa Fe. From the review: “His large-scale maps — collages made with raw canvas, photographic paper, paint, and pushpins — are striking. At more than 9 square feet, Magallanes en la Confusion Encontro un Oceano #3 (1994) [at right] demands attention not only because of its size but also because of its overall patterning of pleated photographic paper attached to pleated canvas with a reproduction of an antique map in the middle. Imagine a gigantic map repeatedly folded, stuffed into tight-fitting jeans, run through the wash, and then taken out and left to dry. (Obviously, Rios does more than that.)” The exhibition runs until April 4.