Lethal Legacy: Map Theft Crime Novel

Lethal Legacy (thumbnail) Crime novelist Linda Fairstein’s latest book, Lethal Legacy, has a distressingly familiar plotline. From, believe it or not, The Courier Mail of Brisbane, Australia: “[Series protagonist Alex] Cooper and regular police associate Mike Chapman delve into the shady world of rich collectors and library conservation as Fairstein explores how far people will go to secure a rare map — even murder. [Murder victim] Barr is a suspected associate of map thief Eddy Forbes, who is based on two real-life criminals — Victor Phillips and Edward Forbes Smiley.” Eddy Forbes? That’s just a little too Pimmy Jalmer for me. (The funny thing is, with a summer home in Martha’s Vinyard, Fairstein could easily have met Smiley at some point.) Via Tony and MapHist.