The Map: Navigating the Present

Flesh Map (2007) by Ibarra I don’t imagine many of my readers are able to make it to the rather northerly Swedish city of Umeå in the next month or so, but in the event that you are, Umeå University’s Bildmuseet (art museum) has an exhibition running until February 8: The Map: Navigating the Present “features artists, who are especially interested in maps, and cartographers, geographers, linguists, photographers, philosophers and activists. The works and projects of close to 40 Swedish and international participants vividly portray numerous burning issues of our times. A wide variety of topics are presented with cartographic practice or an idea of mapping as the common denominator.” Press release, sample images. At right, “Flesh Map” (2007) by Karlo-Andrei Ibarra (look! cartacacoethes!).