Mapping the Inauguration: A Roundup

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Daniel J. Calderon

Last month, the Armed Services Inauguration Committee revealed to the public a 40×40-foot map used to plan the inauguration (via Vector One); another view is here (thumbnail above; via MapHist).

New Google Earth imagery for Washington, D.C. finally de-pixellates the U.S. Naval Observatory; censored aerial imagery is being replaced by satellite imagery, Stefan notes: “I suspect that the aerial imagery was indeed censored by U.S. authorities before being released to the public (as is done by the Netherlands, among others), but that Google then pasted in uncensored satellite imagery (even if older and/or grainier) in those places where otherwise we’d have seen ugly pixels and then accusations of Google cowing to government censorship demands.”

Google LatLong and Google Maps Mania have roundups of inauguration day mashups; LatLong also has a collection of helpful maps for the inauguration.

3d inauguration A 3D model of the inauguration site has also been created; see LatLong and Google Earth Blog. Complete with virtual Obama taking the oath, which makes me nervous for some reason.

USA Today has an interesting-looking interactive inauguration map (via Infonaut). Scott Lee has put together a georeferenced parade map (PDF) at’s geospatial and mapping gallery (via AnyGeo and GeoPDF).