AA Survey Reveals How Britons Use GPS on the Road

A survey of its members by the British Automobile Association (AA) revealed some interesting attitudes towards car-based GPS navigation devices (which in the U.K. are referred to as “satnav”). Some highlights:

  • 61 percent agreed that their GPS had prevented them from getting lost; only 10 percent disagreed.
  • While only four percent were worried that it might take them in the wrong direction, 30 percent said that it already had.
  • Three-quarters of GPS users still carried a road atlas (which the AA recommends).

All of which suggests a more positive experience than might be inferred from the rash of news stories of people driving into ditches because their GPS told them to. The bit about the road atlas is a hopeful sign, too.

The article also has the AA’s top ten tips for using a satnav, all of which can be boiled down to the following: You’re in charge, not the device. Pay attention to what you’re doing.

Via GeoCarta.