More Cartograms!

Cartogram, county results, purple map Mark Newman is once again getting an awful lot of online attention for his maps and cartograms of the 2008 U.S. presidential election results; he did the same thing for the 2004 presidential and 2006 congressional results (see previous entry). The maps come in many flavours: ordinary maps showing blue and red states; maps showing blue and red counties; “purple” maps that show the degree to which a county is blue or red; cartograms for all of the above. Newman is all about the cartograms; he’s one of the authors of the cartogram collection, The Atlas of the Real World. Via many, many sources.

Other cartograms: Peters’s publisher ODT Maps has a grid-style election cartogram based on population rather than Electoral College votes (via AnyGeo); from the comments, this one weighed by electoral votes.