Times Atlases

Times atlases I’ve heard good things about the Times Comprehensive Atlas, the 12th edition of which came out in the U.K. last year; it’s being published in its U.S. version on Tuesday, according to the Amazon page. David Mumford of HarperCollins writes to say that this atlas and its smaller, cheaper and less comprehensive cousins now have a dedicated home page: The Times World Atlases. An interesting site, as promotional sites go. Its page outlining all the different atlases, from the £150 Comprehensive to the £7 Mini, is extremely useful. Also interesting — purely from a vicarious perspective — is the “bespoke” Luxury Edition, which allows well-heeled purchasers to customize their Comprehensive in terms of binding, embossing, endpapers and suchlike. (For a moment I got my hopes up that you could customize the content, but alas, no.)

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