More on Tele Atlas and Google

Webmapper explores the question of Tele Atlas’s questionable map quality and the reasons why Google may have dropped Navteq for ostensibly poorer map data — a question I raised in this post. An interesting post, but perplexing given its speculative nature; I thought that, unless I’ve missed something, Edward worked for TomTom, whose takeover of Tele Atlas closed in June. That caveat aside, go read.

Edward also says that my post reflects “a rather North-American bias. Google still uses map data from other providers as well, such as AND and Europa Technologies (small-scale world maps), Zenrin (Japan), PSMA (Australia), and MapABC (China).” I stand corrected; I was focusing on errors in my neighbourhood in the context of reports I’d seen about the Navteq-Tele Atlas switch.