Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery: Creative Cartographies

Lucas Monaco, Fatburger From Here, 2007, ink on paper, 40 x 60 inches

Creative Cartographies is a group exhibition at the Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery; it runs until January 9, 2009.

Influenced by the organization inherent in cartography, the twelve Brooklyn-based artists in BAC Gallery’s latest exhibition, Creative Cartographies, present viewpoints both personal and political, mapping their own thoughts, journeys, and observations. Collectively, the artists show that structure and expression are not mutually exclusive and utilize a variety of materials to create imagined and real geographies. Maps traditionally suggest stability and a sense of purpose; they originally served to chart new territories and make the unknown less intimidating. In the age of Google maps and GPS, art inspired by maps continues to aid the viewer in navigating unfamiliar territory, but it also veers from the scientific and factual to the creative and subjective.

A collection of images from the exhibition is available online; above, Lucas Monaco’s “Fatburger From Here” (2007), ink on paper, 40×60 inches. More at ArtCal.