ATP GPS PhotoFinder mini

Geotagging a photo means adding geographical coordinates to an image’s metadata. There are basically two ways to do it. One, add that data in real-time when the picture is being taken, using a camera’s built-in GPS or an attached GPS module. Or two, use a separate GPS logger that you carry with the camera; when you get back to your computer, the GPS logger’s software adds coordinates to each image based on the image’s timestamp. For this to work, the clocks on your GPS logger and your camera have to be synchronized.

ATP GPS PhotoFinder mini ATP’s GPS PhotoFinder mini is closer to the second method, but there’s a twist: it uses a card reader, rather than software, to embed coordinates; it writes directly to the image file while it’s still on the card. This may well be more convenient than having to use a separate application before getting to work on your photos, but it’s still an extra step you have to take — it’s just another gadget instead of another application.

Via Engadget.